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How Drunk

4.5 ( 1235 ratings )
Desarrollador iSolutions LLC

This app offers you BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) estimations, based on what you drink. Its packed with awesome functionalities, like alerts when you become sober or reach the legal driving limit (even after the app is closed!) and personalisation.
Not to mention the beautiful, smooth graphics.

It supports iOS4s new features like multitasking and calendar manipulation, so youll get notified when youre sober even if the app is not running.

Feature list:
★ Comes in 3 languages: English, French and Romanian
★ Very accurate formula
★ Personalize the app for your body
★ Choose metric or imperial
★ Multiple drinks to choose from
★ Multiple measures (glasses, bottles)
★ Hustle-free repeat adding the same drinks by touching them on the list!
★ Big HUD for the BAC (you open the app and its there)
★ Persistent drinking session (after you close the app, the sessions still there)
★ iOS4 ready (multitasking and calendar reminders)
★ Legal limit for driving setting
★ Alert for when youre sober (only on iOS4+)
★ Alert for when the driving limit is reached (only on iOS4+)
★ Beautiful, clean, Retina Display - ready design
★ Improved user experience
★ BAC shown in different colors, so its easier to follow
★ Easy to use even when youre buzzed

The calendar alerts are available only on iOS4 and greater.

Thank you all for using this wonderful app. Please use the feedback button in the Info screen to suggest new features or fixes.
If you love this app, please share it across your friend lists, so we can continue improving it as much as we can!

Purchase this app today! It will keep you informed of your BAC levels at any time and could save you your drivers license.